Free Dot to Dot Coloring Pages

Dot-to-Dot worksheets are great resources for parents and teachers to involve their children in activity-based learning. The dot-to-dot coloring pages help provide kids the needed assistance for eye-to-hand coordination, as well as helping them to understand and learn numbers along with colors. Parents and teachers can relax when giving these worksheets to their kids, as these free dot-to-dot coloring printables are drawn with kids in mind. Pre-schoolers and kindergartners start using pencils and crayons at the beginning to help them excel in their fine motor skills. Our large assortment of dot-to-dot pictures will help kids, especially toddlers of pre-school or kindergarten going age, to develop complex hand movements by moving their hands into zigzag patterns and drawing lines. Such dot-to-dot coloring pages provide additional benefit to the teachers and parents in teaching their young children numbers as well. The basic concept of dot-to-dot coloring page is to start drawing or connecting from the smallest number all the way to the largest or final number. Then a picture will form which can be colored online using our amazing variety color palette. These dot-to-dot coloring pages are also available for offline use as they are free downloadable printables. Enjoy our free resource to help your child connect the dots and make beautiful coloring pages.